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Stereo Repair in Kansas City and the KCMO Metro

Here at Vintage Turntable & Stereo, located in the Kansas City metro, we know that nothing beats the rich, true sound of a vintage receiver and vintage audio. When it comes to home audio, we know that music sounds better coming from a vintage power amp. We also know that nothing beats our restored electronic collection. So, what happens when you need to repair home audio or you need electronic repair in Kansas City? That’s when you can call us! We specialize in repairing and restoring vintage electronics including stereos, speakers, receivers, power amps, cassette decks, turntables, and all things regarding home audio equipment. We even handle reel to reel tape recorder repairs!

So, whether its turntable repair, amp repair, speaker repair, record player repair, electronic repair or stereo repair in Kansas City, Blue Springs, Independence, or Lee’s Summit, MO, that you need, we have got you and your vintage home audio equipment covered. Don’t live in Blue Springs, MO or the KCMO metro area, no need to worry, we even accept out-of-state home audio restoration and vintage stereo repair projects for your favorite vintage audio equipment and have more details on out-of-state ordering here. We have an average 2-week turnaround time as well!

When cared for properly, these vintage stereo speakers, turntables and audio receivers often provide not only years, but decades of listening enjoyment. Don’t settle for a sub-par sound with modern electronics that break in a year (or less). Bust out your favorite vintage stereo and audio equipment, and remember what music should sound like. Call us at 816-622-8277 and one of our Vintage Turntable & Stereo technicians will be glad to speak with you about all of your vintage stereo, audio and electronic repair needs. Thank you for choosing us for your Kansas City home audio care!

As a local standard with our team at Vintage Turntable & Stereo, we offer 5 star service and 2 year warranty on all of our KCMO audio repairs for all major brands including Pioneer, Marantz, Sansui, McIntosh, Sony, Panasonic & more! See the audio brands we service on our Brands & Model Numbers page.


Vintage Stereo Repair in Kansas City
Vintage electronics repair in Kansas City
Stereo Repair KCMO
Electronics Repair Kansas City
Speaker Repair Kansas City
Turntable Repair Kansas City
Amp Repair Kansas City
Vintage Stereo Repair Kansas City
We Service Pioneer, Marantz, Sansui, and more
5 Star Service and 2 Year Warranty on All Repairs

Business Hours
Monday – Friday 10am to 6:30pm
Saturday – 12pm to 4pm
Sunday – Open By Appointment Only

615 E 23rd St.
Independence, MO 64055

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