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Victrola Aviator 8-in-1 Review

I dedicate my Victrola Aviator 8-in-1 review to no ordinary player because it’s a complete audio system with many additional features that will free you from additional wires and save space. Here, you can listen to CDs, tapes, and vinyl, from a USB, a smartphone, or other devices via Bluetooth or just the radio. Agree that it sounds very interesting and tempting! Let me tell you about it in more detail.

Build up quality

Victrola Aviator 8-in-1

You can often hear Nostalgic when talking about the Victrola Aviator record player. I’m sure it is because of its vintage design. You lift the top, and this wooden box, reminiscent of a century-old radio, “transforms” into a modern “plug and play” vinyl player, as it has built-in speakers. Put on a record and use it. Operation is easy, a remote control is included, and all the buttons and levers on the front panel are signed (CD/Aux, Bluetooth/USB, Phono, AM/FM, Tape, Repeat, Shuffle, Program, Folder+, and Folder-). There you will also find the CD-ROM controls, Volume and Radio search switches, Headphones, Aux In, and USB jacks.

The dimensions of this design are not small but compact: 20′ x 13.4′ x 11.8′; however, the turntable is quite heavy – 19.7 lbs. On the other hand, if you don’t want to connect anything to Aviator additionally (some external, more powerful speakers), then you don’t need this extra space. But as an interior item, it looks cool!


Victrola Aviator 8-in-1 photo

The turntable is belt driven and offers three speeds of 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM for listening to vinyl. It must be said that not so many, even expensive models, have three speeds. The Victrola Aviator has a DC Servo motor, built-in preamp, and Ceramic Stereo Cartridge with ITNP-LC1.

Well, it has everything you need, but let’s not forget that it is a budget vinyl player. The parts are inexpensive and simple, but as I said, they do the job. I would pay attention to the tonearm; in addition to being very fragile, it is also too light, which can affect the quality of track ejection.

So, the Victrola Aviator 8-in-1 turntable is essentially a music center. You don’t even need a PC to record music from vinyl and cassettes to CDs. The Bluetooth feature will allow you to connect from your smartphone or PC up to 33 feet away. The built-in speakers aren’t of the highest quality, but they don’t sound nightmarish, doing quite well with all kinds of music. In any case, you can plug in others.

Sound quality

A full-featured, all-inclusive entertainment music system for ridiculous money! What kind of sound can you expect from it? No, it doesn’t shake your mind or penetrate the depths of your consciousness. But the Victrola Aviator record player sounds pretty good. The speakers are of quite good quality, with no outright noise and creaks, and they are loud enough. In addition, it offers convenient features that many expensive turntables don’t have. So if you are primarily interested in an unusual vintage design, the ability to connect everything to anything, recording from records “here and now,” and compactness – then this device is definitely for you.

Key specs

  • Drive type: belt.
  • Operation type: fully-automatic.
  • Speeds, RPM: 33 1/3, 45, 78.
  • Phono Pre-Amp: no.
  • Speakers: yes.
  • Bluetooth: yes.
  • USB: yes.
  • AUX: yes.
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