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How to Stream Music to an Old Stereo Receiver?

So many connoisseurs of quality sound today own good stereo systems. In that case, you should know that new stereo systems are not always better than old ones, and often even the opposite. But time goes on and dictates its own rules, and in this article, I will tell you how to stream music to a stereo receiver, which is not adapted to modern trends. Almost all innovations of the music world today appear in the first place on streaming services, and old stereos, in turn, are designed for analog broadcasting. So what do those who can’t wait for such desired content to come out on analog carriers do? For example, I’ve been building my receiver for years, paying attention to every detail, but it is, frankly, vintage. And sure, I can stream music from my phone, tablet, or PC with a regular RCA cable, but it’s not always possible. Well, there is a way out! You can be the first to hear new music with a simple, inexpensive upgrade. Let’s go.

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The market is now filled with various devices that can adapt your old stereo system for streaming. Wi-Fi-based systems are suitable for those living in a large apartment or house because you are not bound by this design to one place and will be able to stream in the entire coverage area of your Wi-Fi router. Sonos, a prime example of such a system, has already gained an army of fans. But there are also other specialized Wi-Fi-streamers of different quality and prices. To choose the finest option, you should spend time researching this issue.

Also, you will have to understand the operation of any such system because they are all controlled by applications, and to be in the trend, you need to learn it. But is that a hefty price to pay for not breaking up with your favorite stereo system? I don’t think so. Plus, you get some advantages. First, you can stream from any device connected to the network. Secondly, you get the highest quality sound.

Bluetooth streamer

Bluetooth streamer

Probably the easiest method of streaming music to stereo is the Bluetooth receiver. Unlike Wi-Fi streamers, they have a more reasonable price, but there are other differences. For one thing, you don’t need any additional apps or skills, and almost all devices today have Bluetooth functions. You just connect the Bluetooth streamer to the receiver and then pair that streamer with the device you want to stream music from. It’s fast, reliable, and wireless.

At the same time, the range of such an audio receiver is limited, usually at most 30 feet. Which means the broadcast source must be close by. If you live in a small apartment, that’s not a problem. But it’s not the perfect option for a multi-room apartment or a house. So you will have to find a place where your stereo system will perform in a way you enjoy. Another nuance of such a connection is the signal transmission delay. It is insignificant, but not in the case of audio and video synchronization.

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Well, it’s up to you to decide which of these two methods to use. Both are great ways, and they both do the job. Bluetooth-streamer is cheaper and easier to set up, but Wi-Fi-streamer broadcasts music to large rooms and is not tied to the source. So when choosing, it’s a matter of subjective factors. In any case, you have made sure there is no need to break or throw away your old stereo system. Instead, enjoy the quality of the old receiver in a modern style.

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