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How to Connect Your Computer to Your Stereo System?

Nowadays, there is probably not a person who does not have a PC because most people use it for work. But leisure time is just as important, isn’t it? Sometimes you want to relax, watch something or listen to your favorite track. But you want to do it via good speakers or on a big screen, which means you need to know how to connect the computer to the stereo. In this article, I’ll describe in detail three ways of connecting the receiver to a PC which will help you do it quickly and easily. Let’s make sure you do it together.

Analog Connection

analog connection

It’s pretty easy with receivers because they have all sorts of inputs and outputs that are standard for this kind of device. Analog connecting the computer to the receiver is not complicated. If you want to stream files from your computer to your stereo, you only need an RCA cable with a red and white plug on one end and a regular mini-jack on the other. It is usually very cheap, so it’s also the most inexpensive hookup method. The corresponding double plug of the cable needs to be attached to the ports of the receiver. They are labeled with the same colors as the cable plugs. Your computer has a 3.5mm headphone jack, which you need for the second end of the cable. There you have it! But remember that this method will not give you a clean signal but will be accompanied by a hum or hiss.

Connecting HDMI

connecting HDMI

The simple and reliable old HDMI connection method. And it gives a fairly high-level signal transmission and is, therefore, a standard method. Make sure that your PC has an appropriate input, and then all you need is an HDMI cable that you connect one end to your PC and the other end to the appropriate input on the stereo receiver. Then, everything is ready to use after simply setting up the audio output to HDMI on your computer.

USB connection

USB connection

A more modern and reliable way is to use USB cables. Today, almost all devices have a USB input, but this also means that your stereo receiver has a DAC, so the signal transmission will be optimal, and you will get clear sound without distortion. It’s also important to know that there are many kinds of USB cables, and you should familiarize yourself with them first. You will most likely need one that has USB-B at one end (for the receiver) and USB-A (for the PC). Now just plug in the right inputs and enjoy your favorite music.

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