General Electric Stereo From the 1950’s

Well the Tv repair market had come to an end. With the Tv’s being mostly all throw always now. I have went back to my first Joy and occupation, Stereo (Audio ) Repair. We pride ourselves on being the best vintage stereo repair shop in Kansas City.

Last winter. We had a new customer come in for service. They ad 8 GE 5 tube AM table radio’s. We were able to repair all eight of them very quickly and got them in great working order! They mostly had dirty/noisy volume controls, and also the tuner needed a thorough cleaning. But we got those stereos back working perfectly.

All American made, General Electric Stereo From the 1950’s. Wow that was enjoyable repair and pride in working on a quality products! If you have any stereos, from any ear, we would be happy to take a look at them!

Your friendly repair man Jim….

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Hello Kansas City! As of late last year the HQ and storefront for Vintage Turntable & Stereo has officially moved to our new and improved location in Blue Springs, MO. We still offer our same dependable and thorough services for stereo repair, record player repair, speaker repair, amp repair, turntable repair and electronics repair, and we not share a location with our sister-company, Jim’s TV and Stereo, which also offers TV repair services to the KCMO area.

Proud To Still Service the Kansas City Metro

We encourage you to give us a phone call at 816-822-8277 for any questions you have and to schedule a diagnostic for your favorite vintage electronics and audio equipment. Our team at Vintage Turntable & Stereo looks forward to serving you and is always available for any questions, advice, or consultation you need about your vintage stereos, turntables, speakers, amps, record players and other electronics.

Local Stereo Repair in KCMO

Local Stereo Repair in Kansas City

The day really turned out good. Mike called me about his favorite Harmon Kardon stereo that went out on him. That was the love of his musical life. He missed it greatly. He asked me if I could come to his house to undo the wiring because it was too complicated for him and I told him that I could do that for him as a professional courtesy for his stereo repair service.  I would do a pick-up and delivery and reinstall when it was done. It took me up to three weeks to get all of the parts for it to repair it correctly. We brought it back out to him and showed him a tutorial of what we had done and showed him how everything worked. He was very happy.

Local Stereo Repair in KCMO

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