General Electric Stereo From the 1950’s

Well the Tv repair market had come to an end. With the Tv’s being mostly all throw always now. I have went back to my first Joy and occupation, Stereo (Audio ) Repair. We pride ourselves on being the best vintage stereo repair shop in Kansas City.

Last winter. We had a new customer come in for service. They ad 8 GE 5 tube AM table radio’s. We were able to repair all eight of them very quickly and got them in great working order! They mostly had dirty/noisy volume controls, and also the tuner needed a thorough cleaning. But we got those stereos back working perfectly.

All American made, General Electric Stereo From the 1950’s. Wow that was enjoyable repair and pride in working on a quality products! If you have any stereos, from any ear, we would be happy to take a look at them!

Your friendly repair man Jim….

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